Langsoond Laceweight Yarn is Not as it Seems

This post is a copy of the newsletter I sent out on November 23rd November 2023, in case customers affected are not on my newsletter list.

In the last newsletter I spoke about how excited I was about the new Langsoond lace weight yarn (I still am!), and it was very well received during Shetland Wool Week. I had a pop-up shop at my house and exhibited at a couple of events in Lerwick during the week. It was so good to have so many people visit the pop up shop where they could see the yarn in its natural environment. It was also a delight to speak to so many people at the events in Lerwick, some of whom I have met many times before, and others that I met for the first time.

However, unfortunately I have since discovered that I was given the wrong information regarding the meterage of the laceweight when it arrived from the mill. Each skein is 100g in weight and measures 548m / 599yds rather than 700m / 766yds as I originally was told (and this is what the labels said).

I am so sorry about this, particularly if you bought yarn for a particular project in mind and will now discover you don’t have enough. In order to try to resolve this situation I can offer several options for anyone who has purchased the laceweight yarn:

  1. You can return the yarn you bought and I will refund you in full, including postage if you have to post it to me.
  2. If you would like to keep the yarn you can contact me for a 20% discount on what you paid (this will be refunded to you).
  3. If you bought it for a particular project but won’t have enough yarn to complete it but would like to, please return the yarn to me and I will either replace it if I have the colour in stock or dye more skeins in a similar colour and provide you with the additional skein at no extra cost. Or if you bought undyed skeins I can send you the additional yarn required without charge.

I really cannot apologise enough for this error. If you bought lace weight yarn please email me at so we can resolve this situation.

Just so you know, I am planning to open my studio to the public on the first week of December and will send out another newsletter at the beginning of next week with opening times as well as details of the next online shop update (I know, it’s been a while and I know some of you are patiently waiting!).

Thanks for supporting my small rural business

Donna x

P.S. It can be difficult at times being self employed and working on your own but I am grateful that over the years I have built up a network of people who I can turn to. So I would like to give a shout out to Julie from Black Isle Yarns who very kindly offered advice during this situation! Have a look at her lovely yarn locally sourced from the Scottish Highlands and naturally dyed in many gorgeous colours.

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