Langsoond is a double knit weight, woollen spun yarn in 4 different natural, undyed shades and is 100% wool from Shetland sheep.  Each skein of yarn is 100g, 220m/238yds.  All the fleece either came from my Dad's flock (from the croft that I live on) or from my neighbours' flocks.  This first batch came from the 2016 clip.

Langsoond low res.jpg
sheep in cro.jpg

Once the sheep had been clipped, I sorted the fleeces by going over each one individually (on a make shift sorting table made from a piece of wire mesh held up by two workmates), removing any vegetation, soiled and felted areas and sorted them into different colours.


The fleeces were put into sacks and shipped away on a pallet to the Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall, and the lovely squishy yarn that is Langsoond came back!

I have chosen the name "Langsoond" as the name for the yarn - "Langsound" is the stretch of water that runs along the East coast of Burra Isle, which the croft overlooks.  The land straight ahead (to the left of the photo) is the island of Trondra, with Quarff in the distance behind it.  In Shetland dialect we pronounce the "ou" in sound as "oo" so I have gone for the phonetic spelling.

Some of the Shetland sheep looking over Langsound.

Some of the Shetland sheep looking over Langsound.