Nemmy Pink-Nose



My name is Nemmy Pink-Nose, and I am six weeks old. A few weeks ago it was really sad as my Mam died but the nice humans on the croft here in Burra, Shetland adopted me and they look after me well, feeding me with bottles of milk, taking me for walks (I've even been to the beach) and keeping me company.

nemmey at beach.jpg

There are three humans on the croft, there's Donna, a small boy and another one they call Grandad, who wears a bright yellow jacket. He lives in the other house next door. As well as all the other sheep, there's also a cat called Misty, who runs away from me, a few hens and a dog called Tib who lives with Grandad. She looks like a sheep-dog but acts like a sheep; none of the sheep are scared of her and I often see some of the older ones stamping their feet when she comes too close. She doesn't seem to care though.

Nemmy and Grandad.jpg

I am quite lucky as the humans are big softies really and sometimes they let me lie on their laps once I have had my bottle as my belly is too full and I can't move. They say they don't have time to sit still but they still do. 

Nemmey and me.jpg

I try to live in the house but I always get chased out, apparently I make a mess and I have heard Donna complain about having to clean up puddles and plants I have knocked over - the plants in the conservatory and the pots outside really are very tasty, I just can't help myself. I used to be an expert at getting though fences and gates but now I am too big  although I still try my hardest.  Donna says if it wasn't for children and animals she would be able to get some work done but I have seen her doing somethings with some yarn and pointy sticks and she says when she has time to write down the patterns other people will be able to make them too. 


Donna keeps poking her finger into my woolly coat and telling me how nice it is and how I will really contribute to the future Langsoond Yarn batches, whatever that is. I'm just glad to have my coat just now as its not very warm even if it is midsummer. Donna says to say thank you to those of you who are waiting for the next batch of yarn for waiting patiently and now its looking like it will be available in July.


I like it here.

Nemmey x