Summer Part 1

The schools went back this week here in Shetland, I can't believe how fast the time went.  We did manage to squeeze a lot in, I had a few trips away as well as getting a little bit of work done. 

During the first week we went camping to Unst, the most Northerly island in Shetland and so the most northerly island in the United Kingdom which involves taking a short ferry journey from the mainland to Yell and then another short ferry journey to Unst.  We pitched or tent in the grounds of the youth hostel which is right next to the sea.


Unst is very rich in history and archaeology and has many lovely white sandy beaches.  we spent our days walking, exploring and palying on the beach.

Heading home of the ferry....


I must admit I am not the best camper in the world, I get SO cold (especially at night), despite the many, many layers of clothes, but it was good fun!

I was home for just over a week and then headed off to the island of  Fair Isle, this time just south of the Shetland mainland.

Fair Isle is really a wonderful place, the scenery is really stunning, the people are so friendly and kind and the Bird Observatory where we stayed is an extremely relaxing place.  I went there with three of my knitty pals and we spent our time walking and knitting.  I really did feel refreshed and inspired when I got back.

Fair Isle is a bird watchers paradise, and there were thousands of puffins, we only had to walk across the road from the observatory where we were staying and we could see them really close up.

Fair Isle8.jpg
DSC08020 (2).JPG
Fair Isle10.jpg

Of course, Fair Isle is famous for its knitting, we spent a lovely morning in the museum with Anne Sinclair, I didn't take any photos I was too busy looking!

There are a few people still making and selling Fair Isle knitwear on a small scale, we spent a really interesting hour beside Holly Shaw who runs Fair Isle Made In Fair Isle.  Holly gave a very in-depth talk on how they create and design their knitwear on hand frame knit machines.  You can see more of their work on their Facebook page here.

Holly Shaw in her workshop

Holly Shaw in her workshop

Scarves for sale at Fair Isle Made in Fair Isle

Scarves for sale at Fair Isle Made in Fair Isle

The mode of transport to and from Fair Isle is either by boat (a 2.5 hour journey on The Good Shepherd) or by small plane and being not very good sailors (read: terrible) we chose the plane which flies from to and from Tingwall airport which takes around 25 minutes.  Of course the other bonus are the views.

Flying over Minn Beach at the south end of Burra

Flying over Minn Beach at the south end of Burra

Of course, a yearly event on any croft and farm here is sheep clipping, here is our neighbour Liam clipping one of our ewes (many thanks to him for doing that!).  Earlier this year I decided to do something with last years clip - the project is nearly ready to show you so keep your eyes peeled, or better still you can sign up to my newsletter to get details straight to your inbox.


I will be back again next week with more photos from the summer but until then I have a 6 year old's birthday party to organise.....

Speak soon

Donna x